One of the common word which rotates in the business world is trademark which is represented by the symbol 'TM' or ®. When a person inaugurates a new company, it is always advantageous to be free from legal issues that may arise in future. A symbol, numeric, a phrase or anything identical that becomes a label for one precise company or an enterprise is referred as trademark. It can also be purchased for idiosyncratic catchy phrases, taglines or inscriptions. The registration process is same for both trademark and SM where 'SM' stands for service mark. The trademark serves as an indication of origin and quality of the goods.

Trademark services of Solubilis:
  • Solubilis offers plenty of services which includes.
  • Trademark due diligence.
  • Responding to office actions.
  • Issuing legal notice and publishing caution notice.
  • Drafting license agreement, assignment accomplishment and franchise agreement.
  • Advice on validity of registration and infringement.
  • Renewal of trademarks.

Necessity of trademark:


To safeguard the brand of the company, securing the trademark is necessary.

Effective communication tool:

Trademark acts as an effective communicative tool in the business network.

Never expiring resource:

If once a trademark is registered in people's mind, it rotates as a never expiring resource in customer’s world.

Easy identification:

There is always a competition between the goods and services in business. Customer who views the trademark immediately knows what product or service they are dealing with. So trademark is easy for identification in trade.

Easy hiring of products:

Brands create a positive impact, in people's mind.


Unique trademark is a lifelong asset for any kind of start up.

Legal protection:

All registered trademarks are secured legally to maintain brand reputation.

Valuable asset and Validity:

A registered trademark can be sold or franchised which denotes the value of a registered trademark. It allows business to effectively utilize the Internet and Social media.

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